Compliance & Audit Checklist

Herdwatch is a fantastic tool for making compliance easy, but it’s only as good as the data you put into it, and you must watch out for a few things when it comes to compliance. If you’re unsure about any of this, just contact us and we will be glad to help.

IMPORTANT: If you have an audit coming up, you MUST print all relevant Herdwatch compliance reports before the audit takes place in order for your Herdwatch records to be acceptable to the auditor. You cannot simply hand over your phone or laptop to the auditor.

To get your reports in Herdwatch, follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have a data (3G) or Wifi connection
  2. Click on “Reports” on the Home screen
  3. Choose “Quality Assurance Audit” (or BCMS inspection)
  4. Select the first Report, e.g. “Medicine Usage Report”, click on “Run” and “Email me this Report”. The report will take a few seconds to generate and you will receive it by email, where you can print it from a computer
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for all relevant reports
  • Always try to enter events in Herdwatch as they happen, right on your phone. For example, why not enter that medicine purchase while you are queuing to pay for it in the farm store or at the vet’s?
  • Catch up when you can – Herdwatch is always there in your pocket, so anytime you have a few minutes, just open it and record your last treatment or feed purchase, before you forget!
  • Remember, you can enter data anytime, anywhere even with no connection, just remember to open Herdwatch when you’re back online so you can back up all your changes to the cloud!
  • When recording your scanning, it might be a good idea to temporarily switch your phone into “Airplane” mode or turn off our “Live backup” feature. This will stop your phone from trying to backup after each scan. You can do this by tapping the Blue Magic Button on the bottom left of the home screen, then click on “Settings” and set “Live Backup” to OFF
  • Record your medicine purchases as they happen. This will save you time when recording your treatments as you will be able to check what’s in your Medicines Cabinet at any time and simply click on “Use this Medicine”
  • If your Herdwatch Medicines Cabinet contains small quantities of used up medicines due to spillage or if they were returned, you can adjust this very easily:
    • Open the Medicine Purchase from your Cabinet
    • Click on Magic Button>Edit
    • Scroll down to the “Qty Returned/Spilled” field and add the spilled/returned qty (digits only)
    • Click on “Save”: the Medicine qty will be adjusted by that amount, and if it’s empty it will be removed from your cabinet (you can still show it by clicking on Magic Button>Include Empty Medicines)
  • If a vet performed the treatment, it is still the responsibility of the herd keeper to record it, make sure you get the details of the purchase and treatments from your vet and enter them in Herdwatch – we know this can be a challenge at times, but we don’t make the rules 😉
  • You can quickly repeat a repeat a Medicine purchase.
    • Tap on Compliance > Medicines and treatments > Medicines Cabinet.
    • If the previous purchase of the same medicine is empty, click the Magic button (top right) > Include Empty Medicines.
    • Open the Medicine( e.g. Alamycin) > Magic button > Repeat and select the purchase date of the new Medicine
    • You will see that all details have been copied over from the previous purchase.
    • Simply update the batch number and any other relevant info and click “Save”.

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