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Compliance on Tap

Keeping on top of your Sprays compliance legislation can be a time consuming task. Using Herdwatch, arable farmers can now record all their sprays compliance through the Herdwatch app as they spray.

Easily record multiple sprays in a spray mix

Using Herdwatch, you can easily record multiple sprays in a spray mix, which will save you hours in recording sprays compliance paperwork. It also gives you easy access to historical use of the sprays used on different paddocks.

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Simply create new Fields, Paddocks and Sprayers

You can easily create fields or paddocks in Herdwatch, It takes less than 30 seconds. All spray history is recorded in Herdwatch, meaning you can easily check what a field was sprayed with, in a previous year and at what rate.

You can record all your sprayer information in Herdwatch. All the necessary compliance information can be stored in Herdwatch, making you fully compliant with the E.U.

Sustainable Use Directive (SUD). You can also have multiple sprayers recorded in Herdwatch.