Drystock Farming Benefits

Easy Red Tractor Compliance

Herdwatch makes it easy to comply with all Farm Quality Assurance schemes.

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Herd Update

You do not have to manually add or remove animals. Herdwatch will automatically update your herd with BCMS or Aphis everytime you open the app.

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Herd Management

Keep on top of your herd with constant access to your animals details i.e. Age, TB date when you want and produce reports for them in seconds.

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Animal Groups

Herdwatch allows you to create management groups for administering batch treatments or managing individual animal groups.

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Fast Weight Recording

You can record weights in Herdwatch quickly and easily. Herdwatch will then calculate the Average Daily Gain for you.

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Register Cattle Movements

You can quickly register On and Off movements by simply scanning the barcode on the animal passport

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Remedy Cabinet

Save time and hassle on farm compliance paperwork

Beef finishers can save hours on paperwork for Cross-Compliance and Farm Quality Assurance Schemes using the Herdwatch farm management app.

Herdwatch is fully approved by BCMS, APHIS and compliant with Red Tractor Quality Assurance scheme guidelines. When an animal medicine treatment or pesticide application is recorded in the Herdwatch app then you are immediately compliant, no more paperwork.

Red Tractor and Cross-Compliance events can be recorded as they happen using the Herdwatch app, you don’t even need an internet connection, it works fully offline. Everything is then backed up the cloud when an internet connection is available. Herdwatch allows Beef farmers to record treatments and dosing from the Crush.

What can I record in Herdwatch for Compliance?

  • Animal Medicine Treatments
  • Medicine Purchases
  • Medicine Stock Tracking
  • Feed Purchases

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Herdwatch allows you to simply scan your medicines into the app using the camera on your smart phone

Never let an animal go over age again. Receive notifications when your animals are near 30 months

Even better, you can record with Herdwatch without any Internet connection.

Animal Group Recording


Managing animals in large groups has never been this easy. Herdwatch allows you to create groups of animals and manage them as one unit.

Recording a treatment for 100 bullocks can be done as quickly and easily as it can be done for one animal. It literally takes less than a minute.

Animals can be quickly filtered to give visibility on important information. In Herdwatch, you can use basic filters for animals such as age, breed and gender.

Herdwatch also comes with extra smart filters:

  • Animals near finishing Age
  • Animals Purchased
  • Animals Born on Farm
  • Animals Sold
  • Animals over 70 days in Herd (Residency rules)
  • Animals under 30 Months

Herdwatch displays the list of animals in the way you want. You can sort your animals by:

  • Tag Number
  • Purchase date
  • Age
  • Freezebrand
  • Sale date

Easily produce Reports in Herdwatch

Everything recorded in Herdwatch can be easily produced in report form.

Herdwatch allows Beef farmers to record farm events, meet their compliance requirements and calculate gross margins on their animal sales. It enables Beef farmers to make informed management decisions such as when to start feeding animals for finishing or what animals are not performing well in a group. Where the best or worst performing animls were bought from.

You can produce reports for:

  • Red Tractor Assurance Scheme and Cross Compliance
  • Animal Sales and Gross margins
  • Cattle in Meat Withdrawal
  • Animals in Herd
  • Groups
  • Calves born
  • Breeding
  • Weight recording and average daily gains
  • Cost Management