Dairy Breeding Management Made Easy

Recording Serves

Record all single or multiple serves as they happen even without an internet connection. Easily select the serve date, the bull and cow and it's done.

Heat Observation

Herdwatch allows you to record Pre-heat detections of your animals and will remind you when that cow is due to come into heat again.There is also the option to set a specific day reminder to tell you what cows to watch out for.

Quickly Input Pregnancy Diagnosis Results

When you’re scanning cows it’s simply a matter of selecting the cow and entering the number of weeks she is in calf.

Herdwatch will then create a report of when that cow is due to calf. This will allow you to identify cows that are due to calf.

Non-Cycling cows

Herdwatch will inform you of cows not coming back in heat after calving provided there is a calving date.

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Bull Selection

Easily select your stock bulls or create the AI bulls in use on the farm.

Due to calf – Watchboard

Herdwatch will automatically calculate the estimated calving date of cows and provide this information in easy to read views.

Cows Calved

Herdwatch will provide you a list of calved cows.

Watch for repeat – Watchboard

Herdwatch will remind you of cows coming up to 19-22 days since last serve.

Due next 7 days – Watchboard

Herdwatch will remind you of cows that are 7 days from calving.