Sheep Farming Benefits

Record Medicines on the spot

As Herdwatch works offline all your medicine purchases and usages can be recorded on the spot as it happens.

Medicine Stock Tracker

Herdwatch will also keep track of how much medicine you have used so you know what’s in your medicine cabinet at all times.

Replace your Qulaity Assurance and Herd Health Book

Herdwatch is fully compliant with Red Tractor and BCMS. So, once you record your Medicine Purchases, Medicine usages and Feed Purchases in Herdwatch there’s no need to write them into any book!

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Capturing, Storing and Retrieving data made easy

Herdwatch comes fully stocked with the 800+ medicines approved by the VMD so recording a medicine purchase or treatment couldn’t be easier.

Automatically Calculates Withdrawal Periods

Once a sheep treatment has been recorded in Herdwatch it will automatically calculate the withdrawal period for you so you know which sheep are in meat withdrawal at all times.

Group Dosing

Sheep Farmers tend to dose in large batches of animals. Using Herdwatch you can create a group treatment. This means you only have to create one medicine treatment for multiple animals.

Reports at your Finger Tips

No need to worry about compliance inspections once you have entered your data correctly. In the event of a medicine inspection or audit, you can get a report from Herdwatch which you can print off and show the inspector/auditor on the spot.