Register Movements on the go

Register Movements on the go

Registering OFF movement from the app

When selling cattle from your herd, simply select animals being sold and send the movement notification to BCMS or APHIS directly from the app.

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Registering ON Movements

Registering an ON movement couldn’t be easier using the Herdwatch app. Simply scan the animal passport using the Herdwatch apps built smart bar-code scanner and Herdwatch will notify BCMS or APHIS instantly. The app will automatically bring all that animals details (Age, Sex, Breed, Sire, Dam, etc.) down from the cloud.

Correct Data Sent Promptly

Compliance is a critical part of a Beef enterprise, and the penalties for moving cattle without permission are too high to even consider, therefore it is critical that the correct movement data is sent on time & in a format that is acceptable to BCMS and APHIS. Herdwatch can do this for you.

Record Deaths

You can also record your farm deaths through Herdwatch. Simply pick the animal that died and send that to BCMS or through Herdwatch. You then have 7 days to return the animals passport to BCMS or APHIS.